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A user needs to provide various information in order to register and obtain
an account on the server. This information is CONFIDENTIAL. This information
appears in your finger notes, but it will be displayed only to you and the
admins -- not to other users. We will not divulge your real name or your
email address to other users.

This confidentiality is useful protection for several reasons. First, we do
not want users harassing each other in any way. You can be as anonymous and
as private as you want to be. Second, if we need to verify your identity for
any reason, we can ask you for the confidential information. Since only you
should have this information, we can be fairly sure that you are the person
logged on. We often need to verify an identity when we set a new password for
your account or change your email address. In this way, your account remains
yours and no one else will be able to steal it from you.

Please be careful about how you divulge your confidential information. The
internet is a very public activity, and the information could be shared with
just about anyone. If you include your real name, email address or other
personal information in your finger notes, please be sure that you do not
mind having this information public and open to everyone. Also, please be
careful about sharing your private information with individual users. If you
need to verify that a user is an admin on the server, (a) check whether the
user is in channel 0, the admin channel; (b) "finger" the user, and see if
there is a special administrator status line; (c) ask the user to display the
special admin designation -- *; (d) check the listing in help admins help


admins email finger register


Created: 19 July 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 27 February 2008 mhill

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