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Usage: flag

  This command asks the chess server to check the clock time for you and your
opponent.  The effect of the command depends upon whether one or both of you
are out of time (chess clock reads zero or negative).

  (i)  If your opponent has run out of time but you have time, then "flag"
will claim the win for you.

  (ii) If both you and your opponent are out of time, then "flag" will claim a

  (iii) If your opponent has time left, you will be given an error message by
the server when you use "flag".

  If your opponent appears to have lost his/her connection or hasn't responded
in a reasonable amount of time, he/she probably has a systems lag.  Use the
command "abort" to end the game like a good sport and not have your opponent
lose the game through no fault of his/her own.


(a) Some users have interface programs that automatically flag you when you
have run out of time.  For those players whose interfaces do not offer such
a facility, a server variable 'autoflag' has been introduced, which when set
will also trigger an automatic flag.  This practice is legal.  If you find
yourself losing many games from being flagged when you have system lags or
take longer to think about moves, then consider using longer time controls.

(b) If your opponent's clock reads zero (0:00) on your screen, it does not
*always* mean that your opponent has no time left for the game.  The server
keeps the official times for both players.  These times are re-sent after each
move.  Transmission lag or using timeseal may cause the official time to be
different than the times shown on your screen.

See Also:  abort  draw  lag  timeseal  v_autoflag

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