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Usage: getgame [f | ?]

The "getgame" command is used by a player to search for a variety of games
using only a single command.


Getgame will automatically check the posted seeks for eligible games and
issue seek ads if none are found. The time control of any seek ad that
getgame issues will be dictated by the user's time and inc variables. If seek
ads are issued by other players which match the parameters checked by the
getgame command, then the user will automatically respond to those ads.


f: Find any game that matches your formula or place seek ads if none are
   found. It will only watch for seeks that match your formula.
?: Check to see whether you are currently using the getgame command to
   automatically respond to new seeks posted by other players.


 o If you do not specify any parameters for the getgame command, it will
   automatically respond to any blitz ad.

 o "unseek" will stop you from automatically responding to future seeks and
   remove any seek you have posted with the getgame command.


     When user Sandstrom sends a generic getgame command, he will look for
     any available blitz game. Since user MAd is seeking an unrated game with
     a time control of 5 minutes and no increment, Sandstrom will
     automatically accept MAd's seek and will be informed by the server that
     the game has started.

       Your getgame qualifies for Mad's seek
       Creating: MAd (++++) Sandstrom (++++) unrated blitz 5 0
       {Game 30 (MAd vs. Sandstrom) Creating unrated blitz match.}

getgame f
     When a user enters the getgame command with "f" as a parameter, he will
     first try to accept any seek that matches his formula. If there are
     none, he will automatically issue a seek for the time control dictated
     by his time and inc variables. He will automatically begin a game when
     someone who fits his formula accepts the seek or when someone posts a
     seek that fits his formula.

                Issuing a seek.
                Your seek has been posted with index 46.
                (5 player(s) saw the seek.)
                Watching for any suitable games.

getgame ?
     When a user enters the getgame command with "?" as a parameter, he will
     be informed if he is currently watching for games or not.

           You are watching for games that match your formula.


                     You are not watching for games.

     When a user who is currently watching for games uses the unseek command,
     he will stop looking for games and any seeks he has posted will be

                      Turning off getgame mode.
                      Your seeks have been removed


blitz formula play seek sought unseek


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Last Modified: 7 February 2004 AcademiaNut

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