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  Games over the internet are affected by lag -- the time it takes for the
electronic transmission of moves and game positions.  As a result, some of
your clock time in a chess match is used up by lag time rather than thinking

  There are many ways for you to get around this problem with transmission

    (a) Play games with a higher increment per move and, in general, longer
        time controls in general.

    (b) Play unrated games for a while until the lag problem seems to have

    (c) Tell your opponent about your lag.  In response, your opponent might
        do one of several things:
        (i)    Give you more time occasionally.
        (ii)   Turn autoflag off (if they have that feature), or at least
               decide not to flag you as soon as your time hits 0:00.
        (iii)  Agree to abort your game, and cancel it.
        (iv)   Agree to adjourn your game, and continue it later.
        (v)    Ignore your information and play on as usual (your opponent is
               under no obligation to give you a break because of lag).

    (d) Use the "timeseal" program if it works for your computer system and
        configuration.  Using timeseal, your clock is not deducted for lag
        time, just thinking time.  Read the "timeseal" help file for details.

NOTE: It is not unethical for someone to flag you when you have lag.

See Also:  abort  flag  match  moretime  timeseal

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