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Usage: sposition UserA {#, UserB, journal_slot}

  Displays the position of the stored game between player1 and player2.

  This command will display the final (current) position of UserA's game:
history, stored or journal.  If you use just UserA alone, the position of your
stored game with UserA (if any) will be displayed.  Otherwise, you must
designate either (a) the game # from UserA's "history" table, (b) UserB's
handle from UserA's "stored" (adjourned) games, or (c) a journal slot for a
game from UserA's "journal".  This command only displays the game position;
use "examine" for analysis.


    sposition Hawk           [for a stored game you have with Hawk]
    sposition Hawk 65        [for a history game played by Hawk]
    sposition Hawk DAV       [for a stored game between Hawk and DAV]
    sposition Hawk K         [for a journal game from Hawk's journal]

See Also:  examine  smoves  smposition  stored

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