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This help file gives information about Service Representatives and the
process for being designated as an FICS Service Representative.

Service Representatives

Service Representatives (SR) are specially designated users whose job is to
augment some of the FICS Administrators tasks and provide a higher level of
assistance than some of the server users offering assistance freely on our
site do. Service Representatives are designated by 'SR' in "who" listings 
and finger notes.

The primary role of the SR will be to interact with new FICS users, and
provide a detailed level of assistance in getting them started on the 
server.  It will include answering user's questions in channels and shouts,
and FICS support email.  In addition, SRs will provide support for FAQs and
help file generation and ongoing maintenance, running online tours, or 
assisting with the FICS Monthly Newsletter. The role of individual SRs will
vary and will grow over time. 

Channel 5 is the SR channel. Only SRs may join channel 5, this channel 
is called the "User_Service_Representatives" channel. Users can identify 
SRs by seeing who is in channel 5.  

How to become an SR

The SR Vice President, currently MAd, is responsible for designating
users to be SR's.  If you wish to become an FICS SR, please apply by
following the instructions at the end of this help file. 

Please note, being an FICS SR is both an honor and a responsibility
to both yourself and the chess server.  The ideal SR is a mature and 
friendly person who participates in server help (such as channel 1) 
and discussion channels (such as channel 2).  A FICS SR is expected 
to uphold a higher standard of behavior than the average user.  SRs are 
expected to use proper etiquette and diplomacy when discussing problems
with users, to be available and patient enough to help a new or older 
user with the FICS server commands.  SRs are asked to perhaps play a 
couple of games against new users sometimes, (especially unregistered,
where unrated games are harder to find).  

Remember that the user's first language may not be English (and so a 
foreign language would be useful).  Activity of SR's is routinely 
reviewed; inactive SR's will lose their status.

With that perspective in mind, the following rough criteria are used
in judging user applications for becoming an FICS SR:

* current demand for new SR's;

* a willingness to volunteer much time and energy toward the server.
  FICS SR's should have a minimum of 50_days online or equivalent

* overall maturity of conduct and experience (although age does
  contribute here, it is not the only consideration);

* a polite, patient and helpful temperament

* behaving as a model user on the server.  This is defined by an
  absence of abuse (a couple of isolated and minor cases of abuse do not
  necessarily exclude anyone, but a history of abuse is unacceptable);

* a good working knowledge of chess and FICS;

* a willingness and ability to work with other SR team members;

* the ability to help new players with setting up interfaces and
  getting started toward their first game;

All SR applications will be evaluated by the SR Vice President, whose
decisions are final.

FORMAT: If you would like to apply to be a FICS Service Representative, 
please respond to the following items by email. Send your application to with the SUBJECT header of - FICS SR Application.
Please note, a server message will not be accepted as an application.


Application for FICS SR:

(1) Personal Information:
    FICS handle
    full real name
    languages you can read/write
    city, state/province, country
    time zone

(2) Typical login times (server time).

(3) Which interfaces for FICS have you used?

(4) How do you feel about the server policies outlined in "help abuse"? 
    Are there certain policies that you would not want to enforce?  
    If so, why?  (Note: Having certain points of view about policies
    will not in and of itself mean you can't be a SR; we are
    more concerned in your reasons and how you express them).

(5) Involvement on the server (such as playing regularly on the server).

(6) Please feel free to add any other information or comments that
    would assist us in evaluating your application.

[Created: Dec 1, 2000 -- afw]
[Last Modified: Feb 1, 2001 -- MAd]

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