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Usage: stored [user] [# [-#]]

  This command will displays all or some of the stored games of 'user' or of
yourself if 'user' is omitted.  Here is a sample display

Stored games of User: 
     C Opponent     On Type          Str  M    ECO Date
  1: W TheDane       N [ br  2  12]  0-0  B2   ??? Sun Nov 23,  6:14 CST 1997
  2: W sms           Y [ br  2  12]  0-0  B24  A01 Mon Jan 19, 16:58 CST 1998
  3: W foxbat        N [ sr 15  12]  0-0  W18  ??? Thu Nov 20,  5:00 CST 1997
  4: B jross         N [ br  2  12]  0-0  B47  B14 Thu Jan  8, 17:55 CST 1998
  5: W Solid         Y [ Su  2  12]  0-0  B14  ??? Fri Nov 14,  6:02 CST 1997 

  "C" is for your color in the game (White/Black)
  "On" indicates whether the opponent is on the server currently (yes/no)
  "Type" refers to the type of chess game it is and time controls
  "Str" means material strength: White - Black; for Suicide chess, strength is
    simply a count of the number of pieces remaining for each side; for all
    other types of chess, point values are awarded per piece: Queen 9, Rook 5,
    Bishop 3, Knight 3 and Pawn 1.
  "M" means who is to make the next move, and which move number it will be
    (White/Black #)
  "ECO" is for the ECO code designation
  "Date" is the date and time the game was adjourned 

  Games are listed in alphabetical order by the opponents; the numbers for the
games are based in that order and change as the list of stored games changes. 
Typing a number or range of numbers will list those games only.  For example,
"stored User 4" lists only game 4 in the stored list for "User" and "stored
User 1-3" will list only games 1, 2 and 3 for "User;" "stored User" would list
all stored games for "User."


  You can continue a stored game using (a) the "match" command or (b) the
"resume" command.

  (a) Be on the server at the same time as your opponent and use the "match"
command.  All you will need to type is ...

    match opponent_name

  such as ...

    match Binford

  (b) Use the "resume" command to challenge all users currently on the server
with whom you have stored games.  The server will contact them for you

  You will not need to include the time controls or the type of chess game. 
As long as your opponent accepts the match offer, the stored/adjourned game
between you and your opponent will be loaded rather than starting a new game
between the two of you. 

  In order to help opponents of stored games contact each other, there is an
automatic notification process when both are present on the server.  You will
be notified automatically when (1) you log on and your stored-game opponent is
already on, or (2) you are on and your stored-game opponent logons.

  Several other commands involve stored games.  "Examine" allows you to review
and analyze a game.  "Mailstored" mails the moves to you.  "Sposition" will
display the last position of the game.  "Smoves" will display the moves of
the game.  You can also have an adjourned game adjudicated by an admin (see
the "adjudication" help file).


  Adjourned games are stored (see "help adjourn").

  Games fewer than 11 half moves (before White's 6th move) when a player
disconnects are aborted; longer games will be stored automatically when a
disconnection occurs.  (No games are stored when the server crashes.)


(a)  Users who have more than 15 stored games are restricted from starting new
games.  If this situation happens to you, review your stored games and see
which ones might be eligible for adjudication (see "help adjudication").

(b)  It is possible to resign one of your stored games, even when your
opponent is not logged on (see "help resign").

See Also:  abuser  adjourn  adjudication  disconnection  eco  examine 
mailstored  match  resign  resume  smoves  sposition  suicide_chess

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