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Whether or not the server will call the flag for you, claiming the win when
your opponent runs out of time.


0: If your autoflag variable is 0, the server will not call the flag.
1: If your autoflag variable is 1, the server drops the flag for you. This
   can also be 'true' or 'on'.


 "set autoflag 0" to turn autoflag off. "set autoflag 1" to turn it on.


Old versions of autoflag waited until your opponent moved before checking to
see if time ran out. This led to a state where interfaces would try to call
the flag for you. Now, the server does it automatically. However, it may take
up to 2 seconds for the flag to kick in. If your opponent moves in that time,
the server still makes the check to see if time is truly out, and will call
the flag.

Autoflag occurs before any move increment is added. It is based on the game
clock at the time of the move, not the clock after the move.


When your opponent has extreme lag it appears as though they have run out of
time, when in fact they haven't. Sometimes, it gets so bad, the opponent is
disconnected from the server. In this case, autoflag won't work, and neither
will "flag". To end the game you need to "adjourn".


adjourn flag lag set timeseal v_inc variables


Created: 26 March 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 15 November 2005 mhill

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